Whittaker's Gin gets a taste for export


If you’ve been into your local pub lately, it’s likely you’ve seen rows upon rows of crisp clear gin. Yorkshire is no longer only successful through breweries when it comes to alcohol. With gin’s increase in popularity, the number of distilleries in the area have increased and bars are stocking up. One of those bottles you might have spotted is garnished with a simple hare-branded design. This is Whittaker’s Gin, and owner Toby Whittaker has seen a lot of success with his business over the past 18 months.

The problem was, Yorkshire shelves were getting a little crowded for Toby and competition was tough. Toby wanted to make his alcohol the go-to for a G&T, but so did every other distillery owner in the UK. As it becomes more of a challenge than ever to stand out, manufacturers, like Toby, need to look at new solutions and exporting is the perfect opportunity. By entering a new market, you could gain new customers and a chance to grow. 


Export might seem like hard work, especially if you’re only operating with five employees and short on time, so Toby got in touch with us. To keep Toby focussed on doing what he loves – keeping glasses topped up with Whittaker’s gin – we researched and found the support that was most relevant. We made export a priority and introduced Toby to the Department for International Trade. They can offer support with export strategies, entering a supply chain and much more.  

Now, Toby has his product in a high profile department store that he described as the “Harrods of Switzerland”. This is just the start of Toby’s journey with How’s Business. We’re always on the side lines, ready when Toby is, which means helping with a trade mission to Germany and moving into new premises.

When asked about the support he’s received, Toby said: “I’m delighted with what is available. You don’t expect this level of help and it can actually bring substantial results such as export. It’s catapulted us forward to grow.”

From selling into your local to venturing into Switzerland, this Harrogate-based gin has come a long way in a short time. If you’ve got a thirst to grow your business then take a look at our export guide to get started.


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